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Shipping and returns

This Manila Flower Shop does not ship items outside the Philippines. Delivery cost within Metro Manila is fixed at $7.50. No matter how many items are ordered, you only need to pay $7.50. We deliver same day if order comes in before 2 pm Philippine time. Next day if later. Returns for replacements are entertained. Total and partial refunds are made if replacement is unavailable

Groceries and gifts are delivered nationwide but only limited to items that will not spoil during transit. The general rule is if item can withstand rigors of the trip, then it can be delivered which means no cakes, cooked food and fresh meat & fish for most of the country. 

Deliveries in Metro Manila and nearby suburbs is fixed at $7.50 while provincial delivery cost starts at $20 for the first 30 kilograms, $30 for the 40Kgs, and additional $5 for every 10 kilograms thereafter.

Flowers and gifts are sent by courier (plane) to the provinces and delivered door to door. Groceries for the provinces are sent by Bus and must be picked up at the nearest bus terminal. So make sure recipient is willing to pickup and travel to bus terminal. Please, no perishables for the provinces. Do not mix flowers and groceries for delivery in the provinces because flowers are sent by plane while groceries are sent by bus.

Before you order groceries to the provinces, consult with recipient on which bus terminal is nearest and accesible. 

For Metro Manila deliveries, you can add anything to your cart as these are delivered by us, not bycourier, not by bus.

Thank you for considering this Flower Shop.

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