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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you deliver?
This Flower Shop delivers same day in Metro Manila or as instructed. Provincial deliveries may take up 2 to 3 days.

I do not have a Paypal account and does not want to create one, How can I make payments? 
You are not required to create a Paypal account when you pay by Paypal. You can always pay as a guest. Using your credit card, you may or may not save in Paypal your credit card details after payment when you click on the guest prompt in Paypal. Philippine flower shop.

How do I create my own Gift Basket?
You can create your own gift basket by purchasing the wicker basket together with your groceries and other gifts in the website. Please limit the fruits to 6 kilos (Our biggest basket can hold only six kilos) and add other items in your judgement would fit in a 14 inches basket. Smaller baskets are available for small orders and adjusting basket size will not be a problem. Excess items that would not fit in the basket will be delivered in boxes and bags instead. You can suggest what items should be included in the basket in the the instructions field when you check out. The gift basket will be plastic shrink wrapped. Again, do not limit items to groceries, there are a lot to choose from the whole of makulay to add to your gift basket. For example, add a perfume or a soft toy from the gift shop category. You can create theme basket for baby by adding only baby needs to the basket. Or a basket for him, for mom and so on. The fruits are available in pieces and this is a great way to start your basket.The giftbasket can be purely fruits, canned goods, fresh vegetables or any combination. (Manila Flower Shops) Philippine flower shop.

How much is the delivery or shipping cost?
Within Metro Manila, shipping cost is fixed at $7.50. For towns and cities adjacent to Metro Manila, the first towns in in Cavite, Rizal, Pampanga, Laguna, and Batangas, shipping cost is still $7.50 but please order enough to make the trip worthwhile. Far provinces will have shipping cost dependent on weight. Provincial delivery cost starts at $20 for the first 30 kilograms, $30 for the 40Kgs, and additional $5 for every 10 kilograms thereafter.(Manila Florists)

How do I order groceries for the provinces?
Communicate with recipient beforehand to know if a bus terminal is near enough and accessible and if recipient is willing to pick up. Do not include perishables. Make separate orders for flowers as these are sent by plane, not bus. Comment in instructions when you check out. (Manila florists)

How do I send flowers and groceries to a provincial address at the same time?
Flowers and gifts are sent by courier(plane) and delivered door to door while groceries for a provincial address are sent by bus and must be picked the terminal. So you must order flowers and groceries separately at the same time meaning two orders. Manila flower shop

Why do you send groceries by bus and not courier to the provinces?  
Courier service rates are expensively prohibitive when you send heavy groceries. (Philippine flower shop)

I Do not know ZIP code of recipient?
We have our own people who deliver your order door to door. ZIP codes do not matter. You can write in any 4 to 5 numbers when asked during checkout if you do not know the ZIP codes. Provincial deliveries are sent by LBC courier, they do not require ZIP codes.

Do you deliver in America?
No.  This Manila Florist do not deliver outside of the Philippines.

Is Manila City the same as Metro Manila?
No. Manila City is only one of the 13 cities and municipalities that comprises Metro Manila and is within the boundaries of Metro Manila. Metro Manila is a much greater area. If you are not sure if the recipient address is provincial or not, please email or call us. See Delivery Areas for the list of cities and municipalities that are included within the boundaries of Metro Manila.

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